True Spring

True Spring is a True Season, meaning that its colours (and those of the members of this colouring group) are all its own, without influence from any other Season.

Colours are warmed with clear yellow, juicy and bright, and range from peachy ivory to dark syrup.

For all of us, makeup looks most natural and healthy when we wear our flesh tones. For True Spring, these span within a gradient of coral to peachy orange for blush and lip colours.

Gray and browns (for neutral eyeshadow, eyeshadow highlight, and eyeliner) include light yellow cream, clear beige, sunflower seed gray, and flax see brown. Green-gold khaki may be beautiful also.

Together, these colours create the ideal composition of a crescent beach with vanilla sugar sand and turquoise water under a warm yellow sun.

The most attractive reflectivity in cosmetics ranges from matte to dewy. True Spring colours are natural and lively, with plenty of glowing radiance. Gentle apricot gold shimmers make beautiful uplighter for the planes of the face. 

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