Light Spring

Light Spring is a Neutral Season whose palette contains a large portion of Spring and a smaller contribution from Summer. 

Colours are neutral to warm, fairly bright with a touch of haziness from Summer , and range from warm ivory to medium-dark French gray.

For all of us, makeup looks most natural and healthy when we wear our flesh tones. For Light Spring, these span within a gradient of posy pink to apricot orange for blush and lip colours.

Gray and browns (for neutral eyeshadow, eyeshadow highlight, and eyeliner) include pale peach, blonde wood, linen, and medium gray. 

Together, these colours create the ideal composition of colourful landscape without extremes, lit by gentle warm sunshine.

The most attractive reflectivity in cosmetics ranges from dewy to gently glowing or shimmery. Matte always works but a touch of shine repeats the twinkle in the eyes and shine in the hair.

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