Light Summer

Light Summer is a Neutral Season, meaning that its colours (and those of the members of this colouring group) are a blend of Summer with a smaller portion of Spring.

Colours are neutral to cool, soft with deceptive brightness from Spring, and range from vanilla ice cream white to medium-dark feather gray.

For all of us, makeup looks most natural and healthy when we wear our flesh tones. For Light Summer, these span within a gradient of carnation pink to soft currant for blush and lip colours.

Grays (for neutral eyeshadow, eyeshadow highlight, and eyeliner) include marshmallow, rosewater, light gray with a hint of blue-green, and driftwood.

Together, these colours create the ideal composition of a softly colourful mist, like a rainbow or a wildflower meadow.

The most attractive reflectivity in cosmetics ranges from matte to shimmer. Aim for a finish that may be gently glowing, but not greasy from shine that is too oily or wet, or sunlit with a gentle touch of the finest shimmer.

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