Soft Autumn

Soft Autumn is a Neutral Season, meaning that its colours (and those of the members of this colouring group) are a combination of the True Autumn palette with a smaller contribution from Summer. 

Colours are neutral to warm, hushed and softened by both Autumn and Summer, and range from chai latte white to dark gray green.

For all of us, makeup looks most natural and healthy when we wear our flesh tones. For Soft Autumn, these span within a gradient of mocha rose to soft merlot for blush and lip colours.

Grays and browns (for neutral eyeshadow, eyeshadow highlight, and eyeliner) include pale gold, bamboo, coppered rose, and neutral bronze. 

Together, these colours create the ideal composition of a warm and welcoming landscape of softly blending colours, where comfortable darkness adds depth, and adobe reds glow in the late day sun. 

The most attractive reflectivity in cosmetics ranges from matte to metallic. Soft Season skin is variable in its acceptance of shimmer. For some women, the effect is easy and natural for eyeshadow or lips. For others, the effect appears strident or sharp even applied conservatively, and a diffusion of matte colours is more flattering. 

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