True Summer

True Summer is a True Season, meaning that its colours (and those of the members of this colouring group) come entirely from the True Summer palette, without influence from any other Season. 

Colours are cool, soft and fresh, and range from eggshell white to dark storm cloud gray.

For all of us, makeup looks most natural and healthy when we wear our flesh tones. For True Summer, these span within a gradient of soft fuchsia to deep rose violet for blush and lip colours.

Grays (for neutral eyeshadow, eyeshadow highlight, and eyeliner) include ballerina pink, soft denim gray, violet-tinged gray, and gray bark. 

Together, these colours create the ideal composition of a dreamy silvered background and serene, composed accent colours.

The most attractive reflectivity in cosmetics ranges from matte to slight silver shimmer. The natural reflectivity of these colours might be found in paper and petals, and the same level of shine in cosmetics shows the colours and the woman in their most beautiful and belonging way.

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