About 12 Blueprints


Hi, thank you for visiting the 12 Blueprints Store! Here you’ll find products and information organized by colour group, or Season.

I'm Christine Scaman. I am a personal colour analyst and trainer. I want to help you look the best you can. Knowing which Season you are is the key!

Do you recognize the scenario of having found one lipstick you loved and it was discontinued? Since then, you're been searching for a replacement, tried to figure it out, and wasted too much time and money without finding an answer?

With personal colour analysis (PCA), the solution is yours in an afternoon. We can replace time in your calendar, dollars in your wallet, and offer you a menu of great choices that could have been custom-coloured for you. All you have to do is choose one.

One of the 12 Season palettes contains the same colours that are in you right now. Let's put your days of wondering which colours to buy in clothes, makeup, and hair colour behind you. It really is that easy. You barely have to think about it.

With the Season-specific products in this store, you don't have to go looking for colours any more. They just found you. Your Season palette and this website have done the legwork.

Don’t know your Season yet? You're not the only one. Without an analysis, almost nobody knows. Visit 12 Blueprints, my blog where you'll find suggestions for using your colour palette to make the best shopping choices. An Analyst Directory helps you find a colour analyst near you. Look through the Blog Index to find more information, organized by topic and Season.

I want you to know that there's a better way to shop, a smarter way to spend your appearance dollars, and an immediate reward of clothing and cosmetics that look like they were made for each other and for you. The 12 Blueprints Store brings you closer to an appearance goal that I set for myself: looking like the best possible version of me.