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How to Order

1. Click Send In Your Order , or the Send in Your Order links at the bottom of any page, when you're ready to place your order.

2. Complete the form, including your product requests and mailing address (not your billing address if these are different). Phone numbers are required only for products entering the USA. Click Send.

3. A Draft Order will arrive to your email address in 2-4 days, outlining your purchase, costs, and including an accurate shipping cost. 

4. The Draft Order will include a link to complete payment directly, without having to log back in to the store.

5. Jewelry and any product with a Buy on Amazon only (not 12B) button next to it is purchased directly with Amazon. Click the button to go to the product page at or .ca. 

Shipping estimates

Shipping costs can't be predicted for powder cosmetics because of the added padding and box size required for the product to arrive intact, while the weight of the package is less affected.

Rather than add high shipping costs with flat rates, we will use Draft Orders, as outlined below. They add an extra step but ensure that you only pay the actual cost of shipping. You will still be able to complete payment in one step directly from the Draft Order.

Here are some approximated shipping cost in CDN dollars, CanadaPost, no tracking:

> Canada, including MB, ON, QC, and the USA: 

  • 1 Neutral Collection: $3.00-5.00.
  • Any combination 1 lipstick only, or including 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 blush, and 1-3 lip products: $10.00-18.00.
  • A combination of 2 or more eyeshadow palettes, 3 or more blushers, and 4 or more lip products: $18.00-28.00.

> Canada, BC, SK, NT, NU, NB, NS, PE, and NL :

  • add approximately $3-8 to above costs, associated with distance.

Estimated delivery time is 7-21 days, depending on distance and time of year. Delivery is by Air but transit time across Canada or across US Customs is unpredictable.

If you would like faster delivery, please indicate this in your Draft Order and we can discuss the options in my reply email.


All products ship to Canada and the US. 

If products are linked to Amazon, shipping destinations will be indicated by Amazon.

Customers in the EU may contact Anna Lazarska at The Perfect Mood Board (Poland). This is an independent store, with inventory, shipping destinations, taxation, and all other policies determined solely by Anna. 

Products which have not (yet) received approval for the EU: Matte Contour powders, Transformer, and Soft Summer's Lip Gloss (actually a Lip Glaze), Fly Away.