Solmate Scarf, USA Made with Soft Recycled Cotton Yarns, Venus

Solmate Scarf, USA Made with Soft Recycled Cotton Yarns, Venus

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Why this scarf?

Neutral colours of black and white set the stage for one bright colour that appears in various patterns. 

A pink that steps away from the very blue-pinks we often see. True Winter's yellow is important. The brightness adds light for this Season, which is not especially dark, visible in many individuals.

Brand: Solmate Socks

Color: Venus


  • HIGH QUALITY - These vibrant scarves are MADE IN THE USA with attention to detail and design.
  • GET NOTICED - Beautiful patchwork patterns catch the eye of everyone you encounter!
  • STAY WARM - These are perfect for wrapping around cold necks on chilly afternoons!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made from 100% recycled cotton/poly blend, our products help protect the environment!
  • LAUGH, LOVE, AND CELEBRATE - An essential addition to the Solmate colletion they make great gifts.


Solmate Scarves:

Perfect for wrapping around cold necks on chilly afternoons, our patchwork scarves embody all of the beauty and fun of our mismatched socks! These scarves do all the talkin' while letting you express your inner fashionista at the same time.

Life's too short for matching scarves.

Our whimsical, multi-pattern scarves are the perfect combination of comfort and fun! Made right here in the USA, Solmate Socks' unique styles and colors are the perfect way to bring some cheer into your life.

Saving the planet, one scarf at a time.

Committed to protecting the environment, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally-friendly company. Each product is knitted with 100% recycled cotton yarn so you know you're purchasing socks from a company who cares about the environment.

No family member left behind.

Solmate Socks creates fun and beautiful socks and accessories for Adults, Children and Babies, so no one gets left out! Patchwork scarves, mismatched socks, hats and gloves...there's something for everyone.

If your neck is happy, you are happy.

We pride ourselves on creating quality, wearable art to inspire happiness all year round. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a special someone, or even yourself, Solmate Socks will deliver and you won't be disappointed!

Dimensions: 6 feet long by 6 inches wide.

55% Recycled Cotton, 45% Recycled Polyester

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